N9NE Steakhouse N9NE Steakhouse
Restaurant @ The Palms Casino Resort
Ate there tonight it's a noisy place.Sound bouncing off the walls.I felt like I was in a cafeteria.The table of seven near by with the four kids screaming didn't help. Overpriced but expect to drop $150 a head if you're conservative.The decor is cold not warm and inviting.If you're thinking I'm sour grapes on the place because I paid too much, you'd be wrong. I was comped for the entire $300 bill for two...I stand to lose nothing with my remarks. But for that money, I expected way more.Had to speak very loud for my company to hear me...not my thing when I'm out eating. I REALLY am grateful I didn't pay for that meal..I would have had a lot to say.