Red Parrot Pizza Red Parrot Pizza
Restaurant @ Casino Pauma
I find machines that really seem to "like me" much more often than any other casinos in the area. Want to go to a casino but don't feel like driving? Check online and find out where the Casino shuttle picks up guests in your area and it is 100% free! Shuttles are clean, seats are comfortable and the drivers are excellent! Promotions are different every day. Once again, check online to see what day looks best for you. I believe Pauma is one of the "best little jewels " in our area. No crowds (usually), great lunch and dinner buffets -- and that comes to you from a person that doesn't care for buffets most of the time. Go and ENJOY,. You can't go wrong -- free transportation, great slot promotions when you get there, wonderful buffet, and free transportation back to your pick up sight. You just can't go wrong on this one!