St. Tropez International Buffet St. Tropez International Buffet
Restaurant @ Suncoast Hotel and Casino
I live in Las Vegas, and I've eaten at a lot of the casino buffets. This one was easily the worst experience I've had since I moved here. The buffet is overpriced whether you have a players card or not. The food was all very dry and lacked flavor. Everything seemed like it had been sitting under the heat lamp for far too long. I tried about ten different items off the buffet from Asian, Mongolian, American BBQ, and Italian, and I wasn't impressed with any of it. The worst part about my experience was with the payment method. I paid for myself and my girlfriend, which cost me $47 before tip (way too much for the quality of food.) I was then informed that I could go get a Suncoast card and save about $10, so I did. I went back to the pay station for the buffet, and they told me they were cancelling my original purchase for $47 and adding the new purchase with the member discount for $36 (still too much for this food.) After a week, both charges were still showing up on my card, so I called Suncoast. I spoke to someone from accounting who told me I had to wait longer before the credit would show up, so I did. Now today I've waited two weeks and there is still no credit, so I called back again and spoke to another person in accounting. She seemed like she had no idea what she was doing. First, she was on lunch and was apparently the only person there that could help me, so I had to wait to be called back. She called me back but then she told me she couldn't figure out the system and had to call me back again. Then she called me back again and said she couldn't find my transaction, so asked if she could call me back again after she could locate my transaction. After another hour of waiting, she called me back and explained that she had called her credit card servicer and they had claimed that they had issued the credit to me, and that she could no longer help me and she told me I had to call MY credit card company, Capital One. So I called Capital One and they looked through all of my transactions and could not find a credit anywhere, so I'm under the impression that the lady at Suncoast lied to me just to get me to leave her alone, and now I'm stuck having to DISPUTE the charge because Suncoast will not just refund my charge for me. I've enjoyed playing blackjack at this casino in the past, but I will not be going back due to this service. Steer clear of their buffet, it's a joke.