Millies 24
Restaurant @ Eldorado Hotel Casino
What happened? Tivoli's used to be a favorite spot for late night eating for me and my friends. It's been a little while since I had been there but, tonight my girlfriend and I decided to grab some food at the Eldorado. We walked into Tivoli's and noticed that it had changed quite a bit, the decor was different the menu had changed and overall it was a little odd... Sushi Bar?... Really?.... I was craving an El Camino and she decided on the Caesar salad with blackened chicken. It was late so we decided to grab our food to go. After a short drive (we live downtown) we opened our food and to my astonishment my beloved El Camino was different... It was on a smaller roll, there as less meat, NO avocado... what happened... then the worst... I took a tasted horrible... it was didn't taste at all the same... it was just pitiful. Then my Girlfriend tasted her salad... the blackened chicken was so spicy it was inedible... literally inedible. There was no flavor just insane amounts of heat. Needless to say this is a sad day for Reno, a late night staple turned to garbage. I dare any of the Carano family to eat this food and be satisfied.