Johnny Nolan's Bar 2 Johnny Nolan's Bar 2
Restaurant @ Johnny Nolon's Casino
This is the only casino I had a problem in trying to get a drink was a nightmare and getting my change was worse.They seemed very concerned about the bottom line as far as ( you must be gambling at the very second I hand you this drink or you must pay) I just paid for the beer cashed my machine out and then had to track the girl down to get the change for my $100 bill.Had great experiences at the other casinos they were not so impersonal they know they are gonna get it back AND GUESS WHAT THEY DID.But this dump did not get any of my money dropped $300 bucks across the street and thought nothing of it for my 4 free beers that I was given with only a thank you and a smile.I would leave no stars but that is not an option. YOU GO ON VACATION TOO HAVE A GOOD TIME NOT TO ARGUE ABOUT A DRINK