Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Aruba Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Aruba
I want to thank the two ladies in the red shirts who are slot machine attendants named Renee & Josephine. Two nights ago I lost $3,875 dollars on a $1.00 machine. Renee told me discretely that every single progressive machine is thoroughly fixed and that it is almost impossible to win anything major. Yesterday I took out an additional $4,000 and lost it all as well. I want to thank these ladies because I was walking back into the Hard Rock with an additional $2,500 today. The slot tech who works for the casino saw me in the garage (apparently she was leaving) and said and I quote 'since the Seminole Tribe has to pay a huge new tax to the state of Florida, they have tightened the machines to new levels of impossibilities.' She went on to say 'Ray, you seem like a nice older guy... save your money don't even bother coming in with your $2,500'... It speaks volumes when two full time employed slot attendants are genuine enough to warn me after seeing me lose almost $8,000 in two days that this casino in Tampa is absolutely one of the most corrupt, tightest casinos ever known to exist. Legally I could never prove this in court, however I looked into the eyes of Renee, she was so real about how crooked this casino truly is. They have a nice diverse staff, from slot techs to waitresses to dealers. However the casino is virtually impossible to win in. It truly is a money pit. Friends who are reading this... If you don't believe me seek out Renee (she's a tall red haired slot tech - about 45 years old) and Josephine is a rather large Latin lady. You couldn't miss her if you tried. They were so genuine when they came and walked by me for hours on end seeing me consistently losing. They genuinely felt bad. Be careful. Do not get caught in this trap. This casino truly is one of the biggest cons and thieves out there...

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