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Restaurant @ Double Eagle Hotel & Casino
Ok first off let me say I had the worst time of my life today at this establishment today. I was detained and harrased by gaming officials and staff after accidentally putting twenty dollars in a reserved machine. I waited till the person got back to the machine and informed the person and staff of what had happened. I wasnt looking to get my money back in anyway and probably should have not said anything. But thats not all, after informing the staff that my party was leaving because of the way I was treated. They called two more gaming officials and continued to harassing my mother. Im really confused as to why I was treated in this manor and will never return because of that. They said they were just following the laws, but yet every time i was at the blackjack table the dealers were trying to coach me the whole time while telling me coaching me was illegal. If you're looking for a good time dont even bother with this place.