Black Bear Casino Resort
Carlton, Minnesota
I just stayed at the Black Bear with my family. The price of the room with the player's club discount wasn't too bad ($285 for 4 people 3 nights..), but I was very disappointed with it. The more we looked the more we noticed how bad of condition the room was in. The carpet was dirty and stained to the point I didn't feel comfortable to walk on it with bare feet. Wallpaper was peeling in multiple places around the room. At least two electrical outlets were very loose, and one was actually cracked. The couch/hide-a-bed was disgusting. It was stained and dirty. I flipped one of the cushions over and it had what looked like blood stains on it. I know the spare bed isn't usually that comfortable, but this one takes that to another level! I'm glad we brought a couple extra blankets with to lay on. I probably would have slept on the floor if it wasn't also so nasty. Yes, this was a smoking room (2nd floor, pool side) but I still expected it to be clean. There were paint/texture spots missing from the ceiling, stains, and what looked like a cigarette burn, but I'm not sure why someone would do that to the ceiling. The 2-room "suite" we were expecting was very cramped and dirty. The bathroom was tiny, with barely enough room to swing the door open in front of the toilet, and the floor and walls appeared old and dirty (missing grout, etc.). The bathroom (and only) sink is located in the common area between the two rooms and shares common space with the microwave, coffee maker, coat hangers, ice bucket, fridge etc.. In other words it was cramped, especially for a family of 4. The TV is pretty much basic cable and one of our remotes was broken. The wifi connection was terrible. None of our devices (2 iphones and a droid) could use it. The room I'm speaking of is located in the "old hotel". I wish I would have known that there was a new part when we booked the room. I gave them 2 stars only because we had an OK time there and nobody really bothered us. Something else to know is they don't allow alcohol in the rooms. That seemed like a terrible joke to me. If they're worried about people partying and wrecking the rooms, I don't believe it's working because ours looked worse than an old dirty college apartment. The other likely reason is to force people who want to drink to spend money their bars. I will definitely not be staying there again..