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This is only a "family" if you're white, rich, southern, and in a Greek organization. If not, expect to be treated as a second class citizen by 90% of the student body. Not to mention the fact that the school is as money-hungry as they come, and you cannot earn a degree here without drowning in debt unless you have extremely wealthy parents. The school is the easily the most conforming place I have ever seen, and if you don't follow all the student body's new fads, expect dirty looks and social exclusion to be a daily part of life. If you're any race other than white, please don't subject yourself to Auburn. The racism here is comparable to that of the 50s. It's sad that this still exists to such an extent. And if you're a guy, don't expect to get dates here unless you drive a lifted truck, large SUV, and are in a respected fraternity. Arguably the most shallow place on the planet.