Kowira Grill Kowira Grill
Restaurant @ Sandia Resort & Casino
Went with a group of women for a bachelorette party (it was made clear that was the purpose for renting the suite) and security came up to quiet us at about 6:30pm saying there was a noise complaint. Apparently one cannot make noise in their hotel room, even if the sun is still out. We were not playing music or bouncing off the walls, just talking, laughing, having a good time. We had another noise complaint the moment we re-entered the room after dinner. The room next to us had a conjoining door to our suite. The manager suggested we put towels down at the crack of the door to muffle the noise. To me, when the hotel has advance notice of what's going to be going on, there was an obvious lack of planning on their part, putting another guest in the room beside us that has a conjoining door. For the money they charge, try a little harder, guys.