Kowira Grill Kowira Grill
Restaurant @ Sandia Resort & Casino
First visit ever to the box office to purchase tickets for a show held in the amphitheater: a woman was at the counter & couldn't make up her mind about where she wanted to sit. I stood there waiting for sometime. She made one choice, then changed her mind, then made another choice, then changed her mind. This happened SEVERAL times over about 1/2 hr. YES. Do you think the stupid receptionist/ticket sales girl would have enough intelligence to ask her to move over to the side & come back when she had made up her mind? NO. AND another person showed up behind the counter with this clueless worker. When I finally got to the counter the STUPID, RUDE ticket sales chick said," well, she's a customer." AND I'M NOT? I should have called management. Hope this dumbass LOST her job.