Viva Salsa Viva Salsa
Restaurant @ Boulder Station Hotel & Casino
The first thing I can say is that they will treat you like you are important. To rate the casino it is filled with nice staff who treat you like you matter and cater to your needs. The drinks and food are cheep, the quality is not. (Scroll down for Overall Summary) However rating the hotel, the services are equally nice. They only double charged me for my meal out of 6 times, then tried to say i went to the same diner twice in the say I went twice, which no, I hadn't. They had my room reservation correct.... on the dates but not the bed sizes. Then they hit me with a daily fee which I had specifically asked in the beginning if my initial payment would cover and been told yes. I stayed for 9 days and had to get my keys redone 1-3 times daily, and had maintenance in my room twice when the door broke down. I walked up to my room, key didn't work. Went down, got new keys, and it didn't work. I called front desk they told me I had to come down. I go down, they try to issue new keys, and they tell me to go do it again and call them if there is an issue and they'll send maintenance. I go up, keys don't work, and they tell me to meet maintenance at front desk. 15 minutes standing there chatting, to find out I was to meet them up there. o.O I go upstairs and 1 hour later, door and keys work.... until the next morning. Then fighting the bill the would not budge. I didn't even fight the fee just the double charging. It ends with me calling my credit card issuer, who 3-way'd with them, who them immediately apologized and said they'd comp me and told me I should have just called them first they would have helped o.O. so Overall: Casino 4/5 Shows 5/5 Location 4/5 Service 5/5 Honesty 2/5 Customer Call Center 2/5 Hotel Rooms 4/5 Amenities 4/5