Giardino Buffet Giardino Buffet
Restaurant @ Costa Cruises - Costa Romantica
DUMB DECISIONS BY CORPORATE! The FIZZ was my favorite salad. Mixed lettuce, strawberries, walnuts, fancy crumbled cheese, garlic croutons, and ROASTED GARLIC! I walked in, ordered my usual, but guess what?...corporate did away with the roasted garlic and substituted dried cranberries instead. That is not the same flavor palate. The manager would not let her nasty employee return my money. (I never even left the parking lot with it...went right back in when I realized). I had to drive back the next day when she was there for a stinking ten dollars! The tropical chicken salad is also a new formula with an annoying aftertaste. They spent much time arguing with me that I should have read the menu when I came in and I would have seen the ingredients for the FIZZ salad. My argument?...IF YOU CHANGE THE INGREDIENTS IN THE SALAD, RENAME IT! Repeat customers do not read the ingredients to reorder what they've always ordered. Sorry to say it, but the way I was treated was a clear representation of the fact that it is not American owned and the owner is not yet Americanized when it comes to dealing with customers properly. NEVER spend twenty minutes haggling with a customer over ten dollars! You may lose a potential repeat customer who's willing to find a new favorite menu item.