The Covey Grille
Restaurant @ Chukars Sports Casino
Ok, Let me explain my rating. This 1 star was given because of multiple trip to Chuckars. LOVE the food. I always get their crispy chicken sandwich, but the food is NOT worth all the other crap you endure while there. Last night was the last straw for me. My boyfriend and I went in for a little date night and got the worst server. Older lady that makes you wait on her. She doesn't check on you, gives you an attitude if you ask for something and half the time I have to walk to the bar to get a refill. She has never gotten a tip from us because I go out to be waited on, I don't want to have to wait on you. After dinner we went to get players cards. I walked up to the cage and asked "where do I get a card?" The lady standing there responded with a rude tone "we are busy doing this right now, we will help you when we are done." I almost lost it. So I said ok and sat down with my boyfriend. Once they were done I walked back up there to get my card and nobody was there. They were hanging out on the other side of the casino. The machines there did nothing but eat my money. None of them even let you play a little bit. NO FUN AT ALL!!! And on top of that, I had the cocktail/bar server ask me if I wanted something to drink. I asked her for a coke (took about 45min before she even came around to take orders) an hour later she is standing around talking to the other employees like a little school girl. We kept going back thinking it would change, but it doesn't. The food is awesome, but it is not worth the stress and anger these people put me through while I am there. I will NEVER be going back and the owner needs to be made aware of how things are being ran over there. Dear Owner, Loosen the slots and hire all new people. People who care about the customer. No wonder why every time we have come in the place is empty!!! Pitiful just pitiful!