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Mar 8 '16 at 5:03

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The location is a couple miles out of the way and not technically in cour d alane, it's more in Worley. The casino itself is impressive, a large building with attached towers for hotels and a big casino. Its no Vegas level drive in for valet parking but such services were provided up front and very professionally. The outside of the casino is also complete with decent statues and pleasant areas to walk or get air. The inside of the resort is splendid. Hard working friendly staff, clean rooms, and pleantly of nessecities provided. No i didn't have many problems with the hotel and the hotel rooms themselfs. I think maybe they should upgrade the complimentary DVD players provided to newer age gaming consoles, in many big cities high end hotels have such things and as cour d alene population continues to rise along with commerce each year and the cour d alane resort and casino is considered one of the region's premier resort's and casinos. However the cour d alane resort does have plenty of time before having to take serious expansion into consideration. On the top of expansion I'll discuss the casino floor itself. While cour d alane lacks the experience of playing with real cards (a definate disappointment to the name of this great casino) Its gaming floor comes complete with digital blackjack tables, roulette, and over a 100 slots for playing almost 24/7. The casino even comes complete with off track betting and complimentary drinks such as coke products. The only major difficulty 28th the casino is the crowds. Cour d alane casino alone brings in such large crowds that the casino floor on some night is to small to accommodate the large commerce. That is why as I stated earlier this resort may need some serious expansion in the future. Lastly the resturants. Cour d alane resort does not fall short of it's customers when it comes to restaurant expectations. There's a variety of options at the resort for a nice meal or a quick bite, all the way from the Chinook lounge, where quality is a key ingredient in the authentic flavor of thier dishes, to the red tail, a quaint sports bar with refreshing drinks and delicious food. There's even a small deli on the casino floor for late night munches or quick burgers. As far as resturants go cour d alane overexceeded the bar of excellence in my opinion and the variety they provide is splendid. The resort as a whole is a fun relaxing getaway full of a multitude of distractions and activities. The few areas they need to work on are not problems that cause to much upheave now but will most likely need attending in the future, such as basic room upgrades I mentioned earlier and perhaps a second or larger table gaming area. Overall a trip to cour d alane casino is the kind of trip you wish you could take everyday