Boomtown Buffet Restaurant Boomtown Buffet Restaurant
Restaurant @ Boomtown Biloxi Casino
Went to the Buffet on Thanksgiving day and it was our 10 year wedding anniversary. We use to frequent the buffet prior to Katrina, this was our first time back. But things have changed since we were there last. The food at the buffet was great like usual but,- the smoked filled room from the casino made it almost unbearable experience to sit there and eat. It is gross to sit there and try to enjoy a very expensive meal and all you can smell is smoke from the casino. Please boomtown- you have one of the best buffet's on the coast please, please put up some kind of barrier between the casino and the buffet entrance. There is nothing worse then smelling smoke while you are trying to eat dinner. Yuck Also it seems that there is not much ventilation in that casino because the smoke was so think, it make it hard to breath. On another note- I noted a lot of the wait staff, mostly women, had very dirty and slopped shirts. The tan shirts really show the dirt I would try darker shirts it made the servers look very sloppy and unclean. Kim M gulfport