Range Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel
We had made reservations for this restaurant for New Year’s Eve back in November 2012, originally I viewed their menu and prices for various steaks, etc. and they were in the $40 to $50 range. When we arrived on New Year’s eve we were handed a very small New Year’s eve menu, only 3 entries to choose from, we had noticed no prices were noted on the menu, however because we wanted a nice dinner for myself and wife, we thought they would at least be in the typical price range. We each had the salad that included just two slices of tomatoes with a few pieces of lettuce. I had the filet (8 Oz) along with a very small piece of lobster (probably 5 oz.), my wife had the crab (again very small serving), along with short ribs (4 small pieces) all of which were 90% fat. I had 2 beers and my wife had 1 Makers Mark bourbon. No appetizers or dessert. Now for the robbery, we were handed a bill for a WHOPPING $325.00. This did not include tip. Bottom line this was to say the very least a flat out robbery. I guess we made a mistake by not asking the prices, however who would have thought that each of these 3 entries (which again no veggies, potatoes or nothing) just the meat/fish, were $135.00 each. This was extremely upsetting and I would never patronize this facility ever, and I hope that this post keeps others away from this TOTAL RIP OFF facility.