Fireside Kitchen Fireside Kitchen
Restaurant @ Wildwood Casino
OK.. here we go. This probably gets the highest review in Cripple Creek. They have some good.. and some bad. first, I am on a "slow" night.. so staff is very accessible and helpful. More than plenty of parking. Let me mention the Fireside grill employee, Rob, is beyond great. I just wish I had more tip money for him.. as he deserves it. Always smiling and desirous to help.. the floor manager is a doll.. so sweet and helpful. First name is Lois.. all I know. She had time so set me up with internet - one of the few places in town - and checked if availability for room at the inn. She was so kind and helpful. some comments I overheard was that many of the patron return to this one often as they feel very comfortable and share a "family" bond. Maybe it's the underground parking.. lol. Benefits from the card is not as strong as it used to be.. but the hosts will go out of the way to work with you based on your usage. (they do have a $100 limit betting, which is the max.) Also rumored to have 98% payback on some of the slots, which seems to be excellent for Cripple Creek. In my opinion, this is the best of the casinos in Cripple Creek.. but i am not a big player. Don't expect to win.. but have fun and take advantage of the promotions.