Del 'Cap Room
Restaurant @ Delaware Park Racetrack, Slots and Golf
Extremely challenging university. As a former student of multiple NC system universities I can tell you from experience that the students at this campus are much more mature than others students in the state. They do not come here simply to party, but to get a great education and appreciate the natural surroundings the community and beaches have to offer. For those who say many students simply come to this town for the surf and beach lifestyle, you are correct. However, those students who simply came to party, surf, etc. don't last more than a semester or two on campus. As for the faculty, not all of them are perfect, but if you show them that you are willing to learn and put in the time, they will reward you for it. Stick to the course catalog you were given as a freshman, be responsible for your own class selection, don't simply count on or blame your advisors for your oversights.