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Kastel Stari
WHAT A HORRIBLE HOTEL!!! I just left this hotel because the rooms that were only available were the Courtyard side however in the front desk, the lady did not tell me that THERE WERE NO COVER SHEETS, THE BED SHEETS HAD HOLES ON IT, THE A/C WASNT WORKING, IT SMELLED HORRIBLE, THE CARPET WAS BLACK, OUR VIEW OUTSIDE THE WINDOW WAS A BRICK WALL, WHEN I LAID DOWN I COULD FEEL THE SPRINGS ON MY BACK what a horrible experience. And to top it off the housekeepers told us "Did you guys chicken out." I could not believe this. But on the bright side I was able to get a full refund but this was a horrible hotel and no one should book a room in the CourtYeard side!!! Ps. If i could I would rate it -1 star.