Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar
Restaurant @ The Linq Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
My first time to leave a restaurant! My wife and I visited this past Friday around 4:00 PM. The first problem we had was that we were seated in what seemed like a short hallway between two sections of the place where people had to squeeze by our tiny table. We laughed when we sat down cause it honestly seemed to be a joke where they sat us but we didn't say anything. After 15 or more minutes of not getting a server I asked a server who was squeezing by our table if he could get someone to help us and he said he would. Another ten minutes later and we still had not had any service what so ever. At this point we decided to ditch the Hallway table and ask to hostess to sit us outside and to try this process again. We walked to the hostess and were ignored while she pushed two couples past us until I had to ask to get her attention to tell her what had happened. She said ok she would move us and let us know a couple tables were being cleared outside. The hostess then sat a few more groups of people and then started to tell people there were wait times. I then reminded the hostess we had been there over half an hour problem 40 minutes with no help and wanted to be seated. She rolled her eyes and said the wait time would be another 10 to 15 minutes now because there were no more tables of two open. (I have never in my life been treated this way at a restaurant or any business for that matter.) If your looking for any type of decent service avoid this place at all cost. The staff are simply a bunch of friends who are selfish to their section and only care about making money for themselves instead of helping the place run smoothly. ) I can not comment on anything else because not only did we not get food we didn't even get a water .. Hell we didn't get anything but a seat in a hot hallway for half an hour.