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Restaurant @ Tropicana Las Vegas
Horrible!!! The asian supervisor in the front desk so very rude! The old lady with short hair. She had no idea about temporary driver license. How can she became a supervisor! Stupid as hell! I had to get new driver license before we go to Vegas. Because we moved and the address have changed. I got temporary license. I get thought airline and airport checked just fine but when I get to the hotel. I showed her my license she said she needs real driver license. She was acting so rude. No smile. Act like she own the hotel! She said "Can I see your real license? I said "This is real license it printed from the government office" And she look at me and look at my picture. She said "You don't look like person in the picture" then she walked away take my license to copy. I was like "WTF!" me and my husband just look at each other. We about to go stay somewhere else but the lady in the front desk is way more nicer than her. Talk to us nice and know how to solve the problem. So I said "It's ok we will never come back here again. Have so many hotels around here that we really like!" Do not recommend! Hotel look old. The room look ok. I don't know how they get 4 star from.