Ace of Spades Portland
Portland, Oregon
I have been frequenting this place since new management stepped in. I've had 30 profitable days, and only 3 losses this year. I loved this place. Unfortunately though, The Game still has this one female dealer who's an older Asian lady by the name of Noi. Now, Noi is a disrespectful, rude, short, vile individual who has no business dealing in a professional environment. Yes, Lo, the big black guy, occasionally restores order in the room, but not to the extent that any respectable poker room should even allow to begin with. Now, Noi and Lo allowed their favorite player to do whatever he wanted, which included Noi allowing this schmuck to make late straddles as he pleased; colluding with his friend and teammate sitting right next to him openly talking about their hands on 7 separate occasions in a one hour span while they and other people were still in the hand; telling potential callers he'll show one card if they want on 10 different occasions; the list goes on. I will not be returning to this poker room Dennis. From a regular to no longer a customer of yours. You shouldn't employ people that are rude, disrespectful, or don't know/enforce the rules. I will continue to play, it just will not be with The Game Poker.