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Went to BLT Burger for lunch and we decided to get our food to go. We were quoted 15 minutes for the food to be ready, it took over 35 and then the food was COLD. We explained to the hostess and she went to get a manager (which took 10 minutes). He showed up, didn't speak to us, didn't make eye contact, just grabbed our food and threw it away and started processing a return. Didn't ask if we wanted new food nor did he even apologize. Oh but wait there's more! While we were waiting for the manager to show up, the waiters brought us our shakes (pre-made by the way) and said it was on the house. But the manager charged us for the shakes! Apparently, per his exact words, he "charged us for what we consumed." Wow. Just..... wow. Trust me when I say I will NEVER eat there again. And I probably won't go back to the Mirage until that cancerous restaurant is no longer doing business there.