North Star Mohican Casino Resort North Star Mohican Casino Resort
Bowler, Wisconsin
If I could add to my review on trip advisor I certainly would. It never ceases to amaze me how much more rude and useless your employees are. I wanted to check my husbands card for points and free play. He can't even get the $ to come up to go in and check. He is to angry so I go up to the counter and ask why he can't get in. She takes the card and says it is working ok. She said there is no free play until tomorrow but the points are on there. Now these are his points to use because he earned them. So I take the card and we move to another machine. He puts the card in and nothing. So I go back and get the same lady. I said, "the card still is not working." Her comment, "WELL THEN MAYBE HE WILL HAVE TO COME TO THE COUNTER AND GET A NEW CARD. " That is his money in there, no free play of course. She saw the money, why does he need a new card if she saw the points. This is more ridiculous every time we come here. You should treat your customers so much better especially now the fun club people can just sit and yak all day.