SaltCreek Casino SaltCreek Casino
Pocasset, Oklahoma
My girlfriend and I go to salt creek casino few times a week it's 10 min from the house its to ez but we always had a good time win a little,nice clean place good fun but 1 night about 2 or 3 weeks ago we were playing having a good time then 2 security guards came up and my girlfriend for her ID I jump right n to it and asked y he said everyone has to have an ID and said so just out of nowhere ur asking for Id and not my he said that someone had a complaint against my girlfriend and I ask what's that he said that she had been asking people for money and that pissed me off u told him that if she needs I'll give her so he took her ID and ran it came back and said I'm going to look at the tape we felt so embarrassed and humiliated n front of the whole casino made me feel like a bagger he came back and said sorry it wasn't u no one n that casino looks like her so my question is y not go to the tape first and by the way my girlfriend is not caucasian I think that had a lot to do with it that was a horrible time at salt creek we didn't go back for about a month but we came back. They always come back