Casino Elektra Casino Elektra
For the standard placed on hotels throughout the strip, this particular Hotel/Casino falls below that bar. Sure, most of their rooms are renovated. Sure, you're off the strip a bit as to avoid the busy and noisy streets. Sure, the rooms are cheap at certain times of the week. BUT, their customer service is the main reason why this hotel sits at below 4 stars. The staff is not taught to have a friendly tone with anyone. It seems as though they categorize anyone walking through the doors as "trouble-makers" or "family-business goers". Walking through the doors, going up to reception, I did NOT feel welcomed at all. Going to the pool was worse, as I was ostracized for not being a "hotel guest". LASTLY, for two nights, they charge over a $500 deposit in case I were to "destroy" a lamp or chair in the room. They took my ID and literally said: "Oh, a local, that makes things worse". The funny part was that I am NOT a local. Because of the fact that this hotel lies 10 minutes AWAY from the strip, they still feel the need to include a $30 EXTRA charge a night, which I was NOT told of. Instead of feeling like I made a good deal with this hotel, I ended up paying FAR more than what I expected, and was forced to mess with my funds as to retrieve a $500+ deposit for a $40 a night room. This hotel is a mess.