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Sand Point, Alaska
ABSOLUTELY DIRTY, You can tell that they do not pride themselves in a clean environment. Paying 150 for the room an a additional tax fee of 30+, equalled the room to be 180+. I thought for this price we would be getting a beautiful room. NOT! The only thing nice about this room was the Ocean view. Dirty bathroom with hair on the toilet from the last person who probably stayed in there. Wallpaper pealing from the walls. Dust EVERYWHERE. There was a coffee machine but no coffee cups or even a coffee pot. Dirty molding and trim around the room looked like it had never been touched since they probably last painted it. Everything was out dated and scuffed up or pealed back. Glad I was able to get a full refund. They had no other rooms available and while I stood in the lobby asking politely for my money back, (mind you, the manager never once came out to help or apologize about the room. He obviously did not care) Two other rooms were complaining about their room being dirty also. The desk clerk (who was a very nice young man) sent someone to try and clean the room and spent maybe 3min in the room and did not add coffee cups or a pot, looked like he replaced a hand towel and bedding really quick then went on to the next room he had to go "clean". I WILL NEVER STAY HERE or even click on this hotel as an option ever again. ABSOLUTELY GROSS!!!