Santa Anita Park Santa Anita Park
Arcadia, California
When I think about horse racing the first thing that comes to mind is that classical song Overture because it sounds like the stampede of horses. I also imagine everyone dress in early 1900s clothing and looking like Lucy Ball or Mr Peanut.. Don't worry I didn't dress like that but it would have been fun. I always thought horse racing was like Polo and it was only for Millionaires to gamble their wealth. That was pretty much how this event was for me. NOT!! I wish! Just give me another 10 more years to never becoming a millionaire, but we can still dream of the Good Life. Right Kayne? Free Valet parking! I'm generally not a fan, but hey at this event it made a huge difference compared general parking. I felt like royalty. Although I ain't got no fancy car I still stay fly and ghetto fabulous. I'm used to parking my own car, but I can get use to this. Beer and Food! You had me at beer. Stop I'm blushing. Having a Pastrami with a Stella on a Sunday afternoon, it doesn't get much better than that. Except maybe the raiders beating the Chargers lead by Phillip "not drew brees" Rivers. Raiders beating the Steelers like always :). Box seats were awesome! Having a little TV and a great view of the race course while I pretend to know what I was doing. Priceless. I also met some very awesome and passionate Horse Racing fans! Please add me. I could remember everyone's names. Over this place is freaking awesome and I will definitely come back. I won't let a few bad apples ruin the bunch. I went on a tour and my stuff and other people in our box all got jacked by some random jerk. I think I may have seen who did it, but let's not point fingers. That is low. Show some class random LA peeps.