ariel Myers
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Bell Gardens, California
"ariel Myers"
March 17, 2016The employees deny people food after they loose there money what kind of bs is that ? Oh you lose you can't eat here talk about treating your customers right and with respect. My mother is disabled and can't walk and she was told she couldn't eat after she stopped playing and they expect a disabled person that can't walk no more then 1 feet to walk to the deli ? I tried to speak to the manager mark and he got very upset when I was asking him if it's true they deny customers food service after they loose and he got very upset and started raising his voice at me then hung up saying he didn't care about my complain. It's like the least they can do is listen to what a paying customer is telling them. I guess it's true what I read on here if your brown Hispanic or black anything that ain't oriental they will not treat you properly and with respect. How sad in this day in age.