Shawne Gomes
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"Shawne Gomes"
To start off after paying over $2000 for a week we arrived and were told that they needed a $700 deposit on the room in case we used any services on site then we were informed that we wold be charged $15 per day to park on property even though there are no other option to park since your on their resort the room weren't anything to Bragg about then me and my wife went to the adult pool where there were kids playing in that pool so we went to the pool with the swim up bar where yet again kids were swimming with people getting drunk in the same pool then we decided to eat at their pool side restaurant which was absolutely horrible and tasteless we were so displeased with this place we changed our tickets ASAP and left 4 days early just to get the hell out of there then we came home and my wife got this bad rash all over her that the doctor said was from their dirty hot tub this place is a absolute rip off nothing but locals on the weekends with all their kids we literally lost money just to get out of there I wouldn't advise anyone to ever stay here at all who lets kids swim in a pool with adults drinking them but me and my wife got harassed by security because she wasn't wearing her wrist band at the pool I've stayed in lots of resorts but never will I stay a a windman resort ever again