joshua pitts
Argosy Casino - Sioux City Argosy Casino - Sioux City
Sioux City, Iowa
"joshua pitts"
I travel around the nation for work. I'm in and out of hotels and rented rooms every month or so, that said I've stayed a few hotels. I don't typically leave negative reviews on anything really, unless it's that negative of an experience. this is the first ramada I've stayed at. I understand they where remodeling, but they carpets were literally thrown on to the ground outside where bags of garbage and aluminum cans where strewn about. the stair case was bare with the heads of nails sticking out. I would recommend this hotel if it was priced accordingly, but it's not. 65 dollars a night? it should be more like a weekly rate hotel at 250 a week seeing as that's what I've typically gotten for that price. aside from that, the guy at the front desk was a total duech. I'm truly sorry if you're forced to stay here. good luck to you

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