Douglas Reichard
Stump's Bar and Grill Stump's Bar and Grill
Bejou, Minnesota
"Douglas Reichard"
There are 2 sides to every story, Mr. Hamill. Certain Customers choose to flush their own engines,and certain boats are not flushed by our staff including our 14 rental boats and boat club boats that go out on a daily basis. We encourage our customers to watch us flush each boat when it is removed and have not received a single complaint of this since I have been here for over a year. Surveillance camera footage is always readily available to those who request to see if our guys are flushing their boats properly. There are 2 reviews put on here by staff members, mine just now, and Tiffany Reichard. Other then that, just satisfied customers. We encourage anyone interested in visiting or storing a boat at our facility to check our references!