Crystal Hughey
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Cleveland, Ohio
"Crystal Hughey"
18% mandatory gratuity??? We visited the buffet last night and the hostess informed us we had to pay a mandatory 18% gratuity because there were 8 of us. Why? And it was as much about HOW she said it as to the why. We would have understood a 10% gratuity or something more reasonable but 18% at a buffet is expensive. We were all paying separately so we didnt understand the policy. She also told US to tell our waiter/waitress that we had prepaid our tip. We chose the buffet because there were 8 of us. We are in Cleveland to celebrate my Dads birthday. We knew that the food at the buffet would be ready and they could easily accommodate 8 people on a holiday weekend/Saturday night. The food was good. We paid $25 per person which is pretty standard. The wait staff very friendly but the fact that the hostess was rude ruined our whole experience. Afterwards my Mom-in-law wanted to stay and hit the slots but we all voted to just go home. If you have a large party you may want to go in smaller groups to avoid the mandatory 18%.