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Jun 13 '16 at 13:34

Chad Curvin

Chad Curvin
After waiting in line to check-in for what felt like an hour, we got checked in. We were given verbal directions to the elevator and told we were on the 17th floor. We had to walk about 957 miles to the elevator, but eventually we got there. Upon entering we noticed there was no button for the 17th floor... So we tapped 16. After arrival to the 16th floor, we couldn't find a way to 17, so we found a phone in the hallway and called customer service. They condescendingly talked to us for a bit, then ultimately sent security to assist us. Once security eventually got there, they walked around for about 20 minutes trying to find a way for us to gain access to the 17th floor. Eventually they all decided the reservation was messed up and escorted us back to the lobby to fix it and get another room. On the trek back to the lobby, we were told that the 17th floor is like a movie shooting suite :-) The rooms were clean, the pool was nice, and the kids had fun. Inside the room was pretty basic, but clean. No mini fridge our microwave. Did have a TV, and clean shower.