Jackie Delorenzo
Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jackie Delorenzo"
First time staying at harrahs, staying a whole week. First time my boyfriend was ever in vegas! The second day we were there my tablet, camera and $600 were stolen out of our room. Manager was nice and upgraded our room which was nice. After getting asked a million questions like you know we have a safe which yes we should have put the wallet in but the other items wouldn't have fit. Got asked if we closed our door all the way because sometimes they don't close and they have people who go and push on the doors to see if they open. Well that's nice so you have no cameras in your hallways and knowing that it's a problem you don't have people walking the halls or make doors that close all the way even though I swear it closed everytime. So with being changed to a new room, get all settled in we look everywhere for a safe can't find one anywhere. Called downstairs they said well there isn't one in the room. So they spent thousands of dollars on a room and don't put a safe in. Also called the police which harrahs wouldn't give me the non emergency number and told me to take it up with security. Called the police to file a report and they said no they don't want you to call the police and that we're even lucky they made a report. They "did" an investigation and said there's not enough evidence! DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!