julian zabala
Magic City Casino Magic City Casino
Miami, Florida
"julian zabala"
DO NOT GO TO THIS CASINO ! ITS NOT SAFE!The worst and most mediocre dealers in Florida. Told the dealer exactly that after he claimed that I did a check motion with my hand thus costing me a few hundred dollars . Was escorted out and was directed to a "security room" when I refused I almost got assaulted by a little fat public servant officer Perez . I will be getting a restraining order from all the pigs that were there . Moral of the story: They have the most barbaric "police officers " in Miami. I'm gonna make sure MR. Rodolfo Llanes (chief of Miami police ) finds out about this guy behavior. It is completely unacceptable. This guys lives off civilian tax money . But he wants to assault civilians for no reason .These officers obviously do not represent what Miami Police Department is or how they do their job. Most if not all of them are very professional at their job. Absolutely not these people working there.