Sharda Ravo
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"Sharda Ravo"
This place was terrible. First of all when you get here, trying to find your room is frustrating right off the bat from travelling long hours. It was very confusing when looking for your room, it needed a better system on directing you to your rooms. There was no one working the halls to assist you if you are lost. And believe me, you will be lost for awhile. When you get to your room it was the plainest rundown room ever. Beds were terrible, very uncomfortable. Shower had no pressure and the shower looked like it was built for a midget and as small as something from a camper. Our view was to a tree in a corner of a corner to the next building. It looked seriously like we got the cheap rundown one nighter hooker room it was that terrrible. Also when we got there my credit card was over charged, they said they would fix it, not only was it not fix, we were charged a second time upon checkout. Said they would have that fixed too and they were very sorry. Pfffffft whatever. I was so mad that left it like it was and didnt bother dealing with it. So with that being said, terrible exp and this hotel should be demolished. It is very old and nasty. Esp with those guards on bikes in the parking garage, I really didnt like hearing unprofessional loud childish conversation while walking to the elevator with my kids. Never again. Choose your next hotel stay wisely when you visit Las Vegas NV

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