Vanessa Cad
Gran Bahia Principe La Romana Gran Bahia Principe La Romana
La Romana
"Vanessa Cad"
Will never ever go back! Stay away unless you want to have the worst vacation. Went with my friend in March, there were tons of sand flies, which the staff should warn you about. The beach was so-so, just don't swim in the water as it connects to a local toilet water facility plant where they dump the waste in the water that connects to the same water off the hotel. Food was decent, they had too many raisons at the a la cart restaurants. The entertainment was good, but the staff are way too friendly to the point that they get to close if you're a female. Had an issue with a guest trying to date rape our drinks, the "manager" of the hotel wanted us to lure the guest so they can question him and in return he promised us a bottle of rum. Really?? How about our safety?!? Wrote a letter to head office and they did nothing but copy and paste a script and look forward to my next visit which will never happen.