Gary Baren
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La Romana
"Gary Baren"
Definitely tourist industry. Not even a hint of the hospitality industry. I expect a hotel's staff to attend to my needs. I do not expect every other staff member to slap me a high-five and call me endeering names. This false familiarity became intolerable on the second day after being merely annoying on the first. Once it becomes evident that they place more emphasis on the familiarity than on actually making your stay pleasant. It takes several attempts to get a waiter to bring you coffee, but you'll get your high-five every time. They will forget to clean your room, but tell you they'll be right there all 3 times you call them and not show. All-included is, of course, far from the truth. This place is all about restrictions. They tag you with a different color band so that the staff, as they high-five know what level of restriction to file you under. Not only is Internet not included, you must pay for each device you want to use. The "free" Internet in the lobby is another illusion. It's free for one hour, once per day. To use it, you need to install their app and fill out your life history. Literally, not exaggerating, very invasive questonaire. The restaurants? Please. Menus are short and unappealing. Cooking is run-of-the-mill. The buffets are better. You only get 4 reservations and same life history requirement applies to making the reservation as with the} Internet App. Never again.