Coffee Shop 24/7 Coffee Shop 24/7
Restaurant @ Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino
"Not impressed."
The Coffee Shop inside vee quiva had the most annoyed cashier ive come across in the entire casino. She had no name badge so I don't have a name. I stood in line for about 3min. before she acknowledged me but only after I asked if the coffee shop was closed she let out a big sigh as if she was annoyed that I asked. I tell her my order also tried making a friendly comment to which she rolled her eyes. At this point it was obvious she was not feeling my conversation. Ive worked in retail for 4 years and I have to say she was the worst CSR, her job is to serve customers, she has one job and she sucks at it, also she messed up my order I asked for a chocolate milk on ice idk how she managed to mess that up. Why bother signing an application if you cant do the job. I completely understand that I may have got her on a bad day, but when I seen her laughing on her phone and with Male customers only I figured that's just her personality with women! That was odd.Great job HR.