Karen Jones
Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin
Farmington, Pennsylvania
"Karen Jones"
I can not believe the type of people they hire to manage this so called business. These employees are suppose to go to work no matter how they look, feel or sound. With serious illness's such as bronchitis and pneumonia even with a Doctor's excuse from work. They are constantly threatened with "getting a point" and once you reach 12 points you are fired. Who would want to work for a place like this? Such disrespect for their employees and patrons. People get sick. Children get sick. There is more to life than this miserable job. I guess they think they are perfect and don't have emergencies in their life or an illness. I hope the employee's smarten up and find a real respectable place to work. I know I will never go there again and I will inform as many as I can to not go to such an intolerable place. Casino isn't all that great anyways.