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Jun 10 '16 at 5:54

Patti M

Patti M
Me and my fiancé just came home yesterday. We spent our vacation from June 1st and left on the 8th. We both can only say WOW!! From the moment we went to check in, we were greeted by a man named Johnnie... who was absolutely the best, he moved our room upon availability to a room by the beach that was to die for. We also had an outstanding maid throughout our whole stay name Dahiany. Every day she did these amazing things to our room after she cleaned and restocked it. She made swans outta blankets on our bed with fresh flower petals, one day she did this thing with our curtains and balloons with fresh flowers, she made a heart out of flowers on our couch too...she was very sweet and very talented I must say. We also had a lot of help and always greeted by Willie from Royal Holiday. He was very kind and extremely helpful. Then there is Tony the bartender from the pool, who always remember us and our drinks. Many of the staff called us family and made us feel that way. These people made our amazing experience more amazing but also the rest of the staff too, there were some grounds men(sorry I didn't get their names) but the first day we were there, one of them climbed a coconut tree and brought 2 coconuts down, they cut them open and we drank from them. Very cool. All of the staff was spectacular! From the service to the food, the serenity me and my fiancé both got on our vacation was so so nice. The grounds are beautifully maintained with natural wildlife. We will be returning next year, only we plan on bringing friends and family. There is one suggestion I would like to make, and I hate even adding this after all the great stuff I wrote and our overly exceeding vacation was there. But I'm from the states and was not properly educated on the mosquito situation there. Maybe I should've just used common sense. Nonetheless, I would recommended having citronella candles on the balconies to reduce the mosquitos. The last 2 days we were there I spent mostly in bed sick, even though they have a 24 hr clinic, I didn't not inquire about it because our money was getting low. So I waited until last night after we got home and went to the hospital. I was released this morning after being told I contracted the Zika Virus while on my vacation. I'm not pregnant so I'm glad, I just feel terrible and am told within a few weeks the symptoms will go away. That is the only thing that upset me on my trip and about our trip... next year I'll be bringing an excessive amount of mosquito spray, but we will be back for sure ?? lots of love to our favorite resort and the Dominican Republic