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Jun 17 '16 at 7:51

Nick Moore

Nick Moore
I am glad to have found this fine little room! I had a day's business hours to spend in Portland. I tried to go to "PDX Poker Club," around noon, but their 'cash games don't start until 5' [admittedly, on a Thursday]. No thanks, I'm not interested in your lil tournament. I called "Aces Player's Club" but no one picked up the phone. Ok. I called "The Game Portland Poker" and someone answered the phone quickly, politely told me about the cash games running, and explained the structures to me succinctly (1-2NLHE, 50-400max BI structure, BEATS THE HELL OUT OF EVERYTHING for low-stakes poker in California, but wait it gets better). So, I arrive, around 1pm, there's 1 game going and another starts about 15 minutes after I arrive. When the new game starts and my name is called, that's when I pay my $10 door fee. I love this because, unless I missed something... THERE'S NO RAKE or DROP (or high hand/bad beat promotions that I heard of, but who the hell cares! NO DROP! What paradise is this!?) Whichever ways the government is squeezing the live poker industry in Oregon (sucks they close at 2am), it's not to the insultingly extreme detriment of the players (and the game itself) like the iron fist the Indian tribe cartels have on California poker. Never once in my couple hours did I hear "wanna chop?" Also, seems there is a natural or button straddle allowed. The room itself: in a regular part of town (removed from downtown, but also not in sketchy outskirts of downtown), behind a strip mall. looked like... 5-7 tables(?) but with my 1 short daytime trip, I never saw it busy. Dealers were fine (again, being compared to California is practically a shoo-in), players actually seemed above-average friendly (with the expected amount of crass poker banter), prices of food and drinks were bargain-to-reasonable, and I just had a really positive impression of the place. If I lived in the area, I would be very pleased to have it in the neighborhood. There was a board for 2-5 which I imagine gets going evenings and weekends? One thing that did stand out, was the chips they are using were REALLY beat up (literally chipped-up-chips), and were the most generic white+red+green kind of cheapo clay style you've probably used at home games. This can't be good for game security, but I also imagine it's probably a politician's fault. Is there some restriction on cardrooms about "we don't want you manufacturing player's cheques"? There was nothing branded for me to take home where I would usually keep a souvenir $1 chip. Anyway, I say support this place, they seem to be decent people doing it right.