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Nov 15 '15 at 13:45

Alex Chubenko

Alex Chubenko
I hope my stop was an isolated incident because it sucked, the breakfast buffet in the iron skillet was one of the worst meals I have had in a while. During my poker game I order a burger and a soda which took close to an hour to arrive and not just me but other players at the table had the same problem. I lost almost $200 dollars in black jack, which isn't an issue usually but they use these electronic machines to shuffle the decks and I could swear they rig the deck because almost every hand I got went like this, me: 16 dealer: 17, me: 20 dealer: 21 etc....... There isn't a single 1 star review for this place, well I guess there is a first for everything. None of the staff is under the age of 40 and no one greets you with a smile. No matter where you sit, at the bar, in the restaurant, or just walk around it smells like cigarette smoke no matter what because the gaming floor where they can smoke isn't separated from anything else. Overall I'm very disappointed so I won't be stopping here, no matter how many times I drive through Reno/Sparks area.