Tampa Greyhound Track and Lucky's Card Room Tampa Greyhound Track and Lucky's Card Room
Tampa, Florida
This place is horrible! First of all, the decor is old and dated, they had the old CRT TVs in the card room so it felt like I was back in the 1980s, also the bathroom was in a state of disrepair with rust in certain areas. The chairs at the table were uncomfortable and killing my back. The poker was no better either, they claimed a good promotion, but nobody at my table could get a high hand. I also played good quality poker and just got nailed with bad beat after beat (the regulars seemed to get lucky on me, big surprise) against awful players. It would not surprise me if the dealers here stack the deck against new players like they do at the Silks Poker Room at Tampa Bay Downs. Since their were no card shufflers, some dealers were extremely slow in getting the cards dealt, some talking so much with the regulars that they couldn't focus on dealing. It just seems like the dealers are way too familiar and friendly with the regulars, which seems pretty creepy. At my last table, some player kept standing up and singing loudly and nobody did anything to quiet him down. I left there with a headache and my ears ringing while losing $200. I was happy that that my car was still there in the parking lot, since it is in a bad neighborhood, getting mugged was in the back of my mind. Going to this place was like being in a never ending nightmare, I will never ever come back to this place again!