Greg Smith
Hollywood Casino - Columbus Hollywood Casino - Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
"Greg Smith"
Had one good experience at the place. Leaving!!! I lost my wife won should be a good night right? No, every coffee machine was either without coffee or without sugar and every soda machine was without cups or ice. Also very dirty areas. The worst part was when I had to use the restroom and found EVERY toilet in the establishment was covered in pee. I actually had to leave and go elsewhere to use the restroom. Absolutely disgusting establishment where nobody seemed happy to be there or willing to listen to the situation. I even tried to get a worker to see the restrooms and was told I'm on break man and he walked away (back to the poker room talking to a woman) I think we will even bypass the one in Toledo from here on out and head straight to Detroit or Canada. Also called and was told I would receive a call back from the complaints department. Still waiting. They don't care. Just want money.