Liz hylton
Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino
Santo Domingo
"Liz hylton"
casino only review ok usa visitors if your not familair with the way Dominicans casino life works you will be inn fir an awakening pros free drinks free food at least the night's when I came familiar games fun atmosphere con's you will find out hard to play the games you want to play because players can save theirs seats by leaving their money and rewards card in the machines also proping theirch chairs up. walk away play another game oh they call that being in a tournament and if your not frustrated by that please don't make the mistake of sitting in a saved seat that appearsto be empty omg that's when you will see the rude Dominicans But this particular casino is the only one that pays the other as were got empty and not paying anything. So there tug have it. enjoy