PuaOlena Gomes
Nambé Falls Casino Nambé Falls Casino
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"PuaOlena Gomes"
Nambe was a great company to work for. Subcontractors for the Cannon Air Force base, that allowed us to clean and sanitize their office buildings, warehouses, and even their day care centers. I enjoyed my job tremendously. However, they lack of sufficient management skills for this specific branch, is what caused me to leave. Management should be more aware of whats going on within the workplace. Be a better example to their employees and surrounding staff members. Be fair, it's a place of business, not a popularity contest. As well as, when your employees ask for help, don't respond with, "Well I guess you'll have to pick it up more." So unprofessional. I also learned from Nambe, that when managing a place of business it's never a wise idea to hire family members. Hope that corporate can fix these issues, before more employees walk out and quit on them.