T.J. Nieman
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Bingen, Washington
"T.J. Nieman"
I must admit I have not played here much. Maybe 10 hours combined through the four of five times I've visited. Here are some of my key takeaways. 1) On the days they have their "secret" $1,000 added freerolls, they are flat out slammed and don't have enough staff to help the line that eventually extends up the stairs and out on to the street. 2) This isn't a friendly club like The Players Club or Big Stack Players Club, don't expect the dealers, players, or managers to see you as anything more than a walking $10 bill. 3) But on the positive review side, this is the nicest looking club in Portland. And with a full restaurant and bar, you might think for a second that you were in an actual casino and not a "social gaming club".